Transformación AW2017-18



Autumn-Winter 2017

The immensity of landscapes and shades of northern Argentina, revealed themselves to my eyes during a trip I took in June 2016. There I discovered I could express such noble beauty trough a range of hand-dyed colors such as cement, metallic grey, natural, midnight blue and wheat. Besides, I incorporated Puna’s llama wool, to my usual organic merino from Patagonia.

Transformation implies a process of change and fluidity. This collection evokes self-assured men and women, who express themselves in an aesthetics of high quality minimalist pieces.

Maydi men collection is born here. It retains the minimalist and contemporary classic style of the brand, as well as the privileged use of two needle knitting and manual loom. The concept of fluidity manifests in that these are unisex models: both man and woman can wear them.

Maydi women collection, for its part, uses spinning wheel, thick and voluminous weaving, thus giving comfort and warmth to the arrival of winter. It is composed of sweaters in different stitches that embody the painstaking work of each garment, and indispensable accessories. These include the giant shawls that you wrap on your body and our not-to-be-missed snood, mother piece of the brand.