Net SS2016

Dispersed flowing nets with lightness forming landscapes, lakes, rivers, seas, waves. Summer is here.

Between nets, imitating the fishing net where pattern painstakingly woven by the hands of artisans are intertwined. Maydi highlights mainly the technique of crochet in a contemporary and avant-garde way.

Crochet technique was developed in the sixteenth century, today we can see through the design of each piece the meticulous work of each knitted point from NET 2016 spring summer collection.

Each garment is made entirely by hand from start to finish using natural fibers such as cotton ribbons satin texture, cottons of different textures and thicknesses as the type peruvian cotton and straw silk.

Raw silk, a noble fabric extracted from silkworm from La Pampa gives certain exoticism and elegance to the woven pieces.

Through these nets Maydi highlights the art to weave the fabric, design, the knitted points, the different patterns, the hands of each craftsman, the fabrics combining the ancestral and contemporary techniques.



fishing net   raw silk dyed