Kinetic AW15

Kinetic collection is dedicated to the hungarian painter and photographer, as well as a professor in the Bauhaus school, László Mohaly-Nagy.

Moholy-Nagy recorded all your thoughts on the new means of expression that was one of the pioneers of typography to the film, through kinetic sculpture and photography.

Much of this collection is inspired by the fascination with the nature and the movement.

Using natural fibers such as organic merino, merino in distaff, alpaca and mohair in natural colors as ecru, grey, vison and black and incorporating pieces like long jumper, sweaters, shawls, hats, gloves and colors hand-dyed such as bordeaux, camel and turmeric, this constructed collection embraces the tradition of artisanal savoir-faire

The Fall Winter 15 collection assumes net cuts and volumes.

Through the raw material the design of each garment intervenes in such a way that speaks for itself.

Maydi creations do not follow trends, they are timeless pieces.