Maydi manufactures all her knitwear carefully respecting tradition and know-how, while choosing only the best raw materials (organic merino wool of the Argentine Patagonia —including yarn in spinning wheel­­­­—, llama wool from the Argentine Puna, alpaca and mohair). The dyes used are completely natural, obtained from native plants through environmentally friend processes. Argentine organic merino is comparable with precious fibers (such as cashmere and alpaca) for its smoothness, shine, and softness, and stands out among the major materials in the collection. Each item is made by hand from start to finish, with a sustainable concept in the design using ancient techniques of knitting, manual loom and crochet. The timeless spirit of each piece manifests itself in a 100% contemporary and refined design born and carried out in her Atelier in Buenos Aires.

  • Handle your Maydi piece with the kind of delicate care that went into its creation. Hand-wash using neutral soap and air-dry by laying the piece flat on a clean surface. Once dried, you may touch it up using a cold iron.