Maydi uses only natural fibers and organic yarns in her hand-woven fabrics. The timeless spirit of each piece manifests itself in a 100% contemporary and refined design, carried out through the ancient techniques of hand-knitting, manual weaving-loom and crochet, which are thus revalued.

Maydi believes in the principles of fair trade, hence her designs are developed and produced in collaboration with local Argentine artisans, assuring them fair remuneration and respect for the legacy of their craft and art. Weaving loom is one of the oldest cultural traditions of Aboriginal peoples and a clear statement of the importance of women as transmitters of life and culture in society. 

 Telar Aborigen  

Telar de Peine 

Likewise, Maydi selects exclusively noble materials such as merino wool of Argentine Patagonia  —including yarn in spinning wheel­—, baby llama, baby alpaca, mohair, cotton and silk straw. Argentine organic merino ¨grass certified¨ is comparable with precious fibers (such as cashmere and alpaca) for its smoothness, shine, and softness, and stands out among the main materials used in the collection. For this reason, beyond this intrinsic quality of fiber, Maydi works with Merino wools that are backed by a production process which takes care of the environment, the well-being of animals and the development of individuals and organizations involved in the entire value chain.

Patagonia Holistic Management 

Baby llama North Argentina 

The dyes used are completely natural, obtained from native plants such as : Tara, Palo Amarillo, Guayacán and Cochinilla from Argentina and South America through environmentally friendly processes.


Tara         Palo Amarillo  




Maydi sets the quality bar very high, ensuring meticulous attention to detail in the entire process of creation of each garment, hand-made from start to finish. Thus, the design of each piece enables raw materials to speak for themselves.

The brand continues to cultivate a relationship with internal market: Maydi redoubles its value for customers who appreciate good taste and high design, with made-to-measure pieces. Thus, it intensifies the uniqueness of its items and justifies even more the longing for them.






Born in Argentina, Maria Delicia Abdala-Zolezzi alias ¨Maydi¨ is  a franco-argentine designer graduated in Fashion Design by the London College of Fashion.  She worked more than twelve years in the fashion industry in Paris and Milan, doing marketing and development of international markets for brands like Band of Outsiders, Golden Goose Deluxe Brand, Sonia Rykiel, Isabel Marant, Nick Hart, Totem Press Office, PLC Consulting Paris for the Fédération Française de la Couture “Designers Apartment Showroom”, Muveil, among others. She returned to the Argentina to found Maydi, a project that expresses her commitment to quality, art and fashion.