Maydi is a line of hand-knit pieces constructed from natural fibers and organic yarns. Merging contemporary aesthetics with a focus on sustainability and human capital, these timeless garments are made with an artisanal dedication and unwavering attention to detail. All designs are developed and produced in collaboration with local artisans from across Argentina. 
The pieces in the collection are characterized by a mode of production that returns to the values we inherited from our ancestors with hand-weaving, the use of manually operated looms and crochet techniques.

Maydi uses natural and organic yarns from Argentina such as merino wool that is spud by hand using wooden spinning wheels. This organic merino wool from Patagonia forms the foundation for the collection by acting as the main material in the collection, along with goat mohair, cotton and raw silk.

Organic merino wool, is a natural fiber, sourced sustainably from balanced engagement with the Patagonian ecosystem, and reaches consumers through the support of a productive process that is founded in several values, such as environmental protection, a strong focus on the wellbeing of animals and the development of the individuals, communities and organizations that are the building blocks of our value chain.
Details such as a natural dyeing with pigments obtained from natural products and native plants, while always taking environmental protection into account. The design of each piece allows the raw materials to speak from themselves. The process of creating each garment is completely done by hand from beginning to end. Maydi has set the bar high with a meticulous attention to detail and an emphasis on quality and finish.

Born in Argentina, Maria Abdala-Zolezzi studied Advertising in Buenos Aires and she obtained a Fashion Design degree at the London College of Fashion. Back to Argentina, the brand Maydi is a project born out of her compromise with both Art and Fashion. After having worked in the fashion industry for over 10 years indistribution and brand development in Paris and Milan for designers as: Band of Outsiders, Golden Goose deluxe brand, Nick Hart, Totem Fashion Press Office, Maison Sonia Rykiel, Isabel Marant, PLC Consulting Paris for Fédération Française de la Couture “Designers Apartment Showroom”, Muveil Gallery, among others.

merino hand-spun